About Us

District 9 is a small oasis of Taiwanese Delicatessen and Drinks in the midst of the heart of Singapore. It’s named after a street in Singapore – Orchard, River Valley. It all began when our founder had an idea to create a restaurant that was more than a place that served authentic Taiwanese food and drinks. He wanted to give locals a place where they’d always feel at home, a place that is surrounded by ample greenery and is a great venue to kick back, relax and enjoy their meals. It lets you indulge in delicious flavours while you get a well-deservedrest from the daily stress.

District 9 transports authentic Taiwanese food and drinks to the heart of Johor Bharu. Conveniently nestled inside the food & drink metropolis, Mont Austin. Here at District 9, we whisk you away to Taiwan, the undisputed mecca of street food. Our delicious food delivers the unique spirit of traditional Taiwanese food with a difference being that we add the District 9 touch to each and every single dish we serve. Flavoured with a plethora of stand-alone dishes that will send you to Taiwan’s Kaohsiung or Taipei in a matter of seconds without leaving your chair! Whether you are in for a quick snack, or coming for a full meal, you will find just what you desire. And we serve meals, snacks and desserts that go perfectly with our sophisticated bubble tea.

We frequently switch up our bubble tea menu to bring you interesting and delicate new flavours. There will always be something new to try, and you will always find surprising new delicious combinations. Since it was first introduced in the 1980’s, Bubble Tea has become extremely popular throughout South East Asia. And the sweet, refreshing drink has taken the world by storm. We are taking this success to the next level by combining well-prepared bubble teas with equally popular and well- cooked dishes, quick savoury snacks and sweet, mouth-watering deserts. Regardless of your taste buds or preferences, we at District 9 have you in mind.

Adorned with a bubble ball pit and stylised greenery wall, the interior of our restaurant will tantalise your eyes with a sense of beauty whilst savouring every bite. Whether you’re tucking in our fried chicken cutlet, braised pork with rice or our selection of bubble tea. So if you can’t decide between going for tea, a drink, or a snack. Or you want to meet up with a couple of friends, but you cannot agree on what you want to eat or drink. Come to District 9 and we will make sure you get the options to satisfy everyone’s desires!